The Cloud Shell Derivations @ The Kronborg DK


















Amstel Bridge – Amsterdam NL

Image converted using ifftoany










Spertus Institute  – Chicago

Mixed-Use Office Tower




Spertus Close















Julia Friedman Gallery – Chicago














Asfluitdijk – World Sustainability Center  – NL

Afsluitdijk World Sustainability Centre - Bridge










1528 House – Chicago

2012_06_09_9999_462_flohr house




















Bikram Yoga Lincoln Park – ChicagobikramYCIC_lincoln_slide













Midwest Aikido Center – ChicagoDOJO2









Pushkinisky Cinema – Moscow Ruimage2










Uirapuru – Tokyo Japan











Various Projects:

Landon Bone Baker Architects
Norr Architects
Perkins + Will
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Garofalo Architects





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